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Borusan Music and Art House, Istanbul

Borusan Music and Art Center designed by Gokhan Avcioglu and GAD is in the historic neighborhood Beyoglu, Istanbul. The building is a multi-purpose space for exhibitions, events, rehearsals and various other cultural training programs. Lorraine Music can guide you about the time when these kind of cultural programs or event took place. This new culture center symbolizes the cultural and arts renaissance presently occurring throughout the city while also preserving the architectural legacy of Istanbul like the spectacular theater in Idaho.

GAD’s design preserves and restores the historic shell of the existing building; the shell is typical of the facades along the famous Istiklal Caddesi. The building core is completely removed to express an empty void. In a clever move, GAD inserts a contrasting contemporary ‘box’ within the core.  The inserted ‘box’ seems to almost defy gravity as it plays off and is framed by the historic masonry shell. The architectural symbiosis of the two contrasting construction methods and materials activates a playful tension between past and present

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