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Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, USA

The Chateau Marmont is not only a hotel in Hollywood, but it is a legend which has served as the backdrop for a number of events in the lives of well-known stars.. Jean Harlow carried on an affair with Clark Gable while honeymooning here with her husband, John Belushi overdosed and died here, When Montgomery Clift was almost killed in a  auto accident Elizabeth Taylor brought him to Chateau, Scott Fitzgerald suffered a heart-attack, Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded his vocals for “By the Way” in this hotel. Colin Farrell was once caught making out with Britney Spears here and it goes on and on and on for almost 70 years..
Built in 1927 and modeled loosely after the Château d’Amboise in France’s Loire Valley by Fred Horowitz, a local attorney. His project turned into the Chateau Marmont, named for the street running across the back of the property.  It opened in February 1929 as an apartment house, but high rents and the Depression kept renters away. In 1931 the building was changed to a hotel. The hotel was bought in 1990 and managed by Andre Balazs properties and it’s been continuing  a hot spot ever since..
Nine cottages were built in the 1930s next to the hotel, which were acquired by the hotel in the 1940s. Two of the 4 bungalows at the Chateau Marmont were designed by Craig Ellwood in 1956 after he completed Case Study Houses. The bungalows are like miniature case study houses
The hotel also has an exclusive, reservations-only restaurant serving California and Eclectic cuisine. The chef is Caryolynn Spence, originally of New York’s Spotted Pig.[3]
The Chateau Marmont has catered to a large celebrity clientele over its 90 year history.






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