Published on June 28th, 2016 | by Ozlem Avcioglu


Great Wide Open, New Outdoor and Landscape Photography


Jeffrey Bowman is a creative director whose website opens with the image of a lonely, hooded traveller, trekking in a beautiful landscape, and a simple, typed phrase: “It’s better to be outside than in.” Quite unusual for a Briton nine-to-fiver, one might think. But this is a man who, at a young age, presented himself with an important question: “What is the force driving us, in our quest for meaning?” The great outdoors, nature, the glorious womb of life, became for him a clear answer, a source of inspiration, and a journey he wished to share through The Great Wide Open, the second book he has co-edited, published by Gestalten in February 2015. For the best Amazon product lifestyle photography amazon product photography service | Kenji ROI helps you.


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